Battle Of The Dragon

Stevie Nicks

This was not pre-planned but after some calls
I decided to go to the other side of the world

I see something, I see a handsome soldier
I see myself remaining when all of you are gone
And the reason that I paint you in my paintings
And the reason I record the sound of your voices

No one walks away from this battle
From the power, it's so strong
Like a fury
Keep that fury deep inside you
And wish it to end
And when your friends start asking you why
You just say nothing

The beautiful and the sensitive and the oh so very young
We are adapting to your silence
I can live here without you
At least I'm learning
But I cannot live without your songs

Who have you been with?
Have you been with friends...or is there more?
(You're not listening to me)
Have you been writing, well you say it's harder now
Well I got the message, stay among the living

From what I can tell I need to be here
You say someone's looking for you, nothing is wrong
Well I can and I will go on

When this battle is over
I feel I will survive
In the battle of the dragon
No one walks away
Oh, you wish it to the end...wish it to the end

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