Fall From Grace

Stevie Nicks

I choose to be his confidant

And to keep him from the fire

I choose to be quietly discreet

If that is his desire

I touch with gossamer wings

To be quiet around you

There is so much going on

You could easily


Wake up with a stranger

It's not something you plan

One night in a world of pain

And you finally understand

Not all the king's horses, not all the king's men

Could put it back together

You say you wouldn't do this for very long

The applause from it all is so defining

Well it bounces off the wall at you

When the miracle is happening

High priestess...she's the keeper of the peace in this

Twice as much, intensified

What people will do

To get...this...high


And now alone in my room

As it all begins again

Was I so wrong

Why am I always so intense

In this same place I sit

The same place as before

Well I came all the way here

Just to watch you walk out that door

I didn't ask when you shook your head

I always accepted what you said

As the truth and the truth only

Well it's not enough that you depend on me

And it's not enough that you say you love me

It's not enough to just save face

Because sometimes

You just fall from grace


You just fall from grace

Maybe I am calmer now

Maybe things are fine

Maybe I made the whole thing up

Maybe it isn't a lie

Maybe the reason I say these things

Is to bring you back alive

Maybe I fought this long and this hard

Just to make sure you survive

Just to make sure you survive

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