Where Is Your Heart

Stephen Simmonds

It aint' alright, where's the sympathy and love

compassion in your eyes

It aint' alright

is that all you're thinkin' of

Is that all you have inside

Why do you hide, don't you want my love to find you

Don't you want my love to try?

Why you so blind, can't you see the hate around you

Can't you see your people die?

And you're playin' you're part, baby where is your heart

How can you leave, don't you know that I'm still here

Don't you know that I'm in need

How can you sleep, is there nothing that you feel

Is there nothing you believe?

Think u so tough but there's always someone tougher

Always somewhere u can bleed

When you think you're unseen, well you're about to be discovered

So tell me what's it's gonna be?

Cos you're missin' one part baby where is your heart