Let Me Touch

Stephen Simmonds

Put your body next to me baby

Get your ass inside and let's ride

Caliente chica rica

Superfreak, Superteaser

Afterparty next and then maybe

To my casa if you don't mind

Don't leave me curious, when you gonna' let me touch?

It's gettin' late while we conversate she gets flirty

I said:I'll play it cool, if u want me to, I'll get dirty

She said I don't mind to play your game, I'm not ashamed cause I've been there

Your place or mine, out in the rain, baby what's your name, let's do it right here…

Still got the time to change my mind, should I go there?

I try to think, 4 about a blink, then say oh yeah

She gets the coats I get the bill , and then we chill from the party

And if u don't know then here's the deal while the night was still we were naughty