I Miss You

Stephen Simmonds

I've been thinkin bout' the doors I shut

What I did right, what I did wrong

It aint' funny how you don't know what

you're missing until it's gone

I've been workin hard and goin out

Anything to kill some time

That's my way of reachin out

That's my way of tryin to get u you of my mind

But I still miss you all the time

I miss you

Your face is everywhere oh God I miss you

I miss you oh I miss you my baby

It's more than I can bare oh God I miss you

We're born alone we die alone

But inbetween we need some company

And with this phony air in babylon

Sometimes it feels like I can hardly breathe

When you look at me that way

It's like my words can't stand up straight since we fell

And if they could what would I say

Do you miss me, have you found somebody else?

I miss you…

As I stare at the moon, or the air in my room

That's no longer a home

As I smell your perfume from July until June

Got the blues in my bones, I'm nothing but alone