If I Was Your Man

Stephen Simmonds

Take a look around tell me are you down?

Or do you feel like you're alone in this town?

Players come to play, but they're not here to stay

I can love you better in every way

It will all be diffrent

Girl you don't understand

I'd give my soul

If I was your man

Tell me how you're livin

Couse I'vce got the masterplan

I'd take control If i was your man

I've been thinkin about

Somebody tell me now

How she got me open cos it's freakin me out

You make me loose my cool with the things you do

Girl you're my religion, I'm believing in you

You may think I'm not your kind

Believe me girl if you were mine

You would feel the same way that I do

I'd show you you the love that you never knew