More To Do

Stephen Simmonds

I wish that I could walk through your mind one day

I wish that I could talk to your soul

But I've come to see I could never be meant for your heart

Makebelieving will get us far in nowhere

Even though the writing was on the wall

I never thought we'd end up this way

But eventually some reality knocked on the door

And all the things we'd been fighting for went away

But even though the vows have been broken

And I've been inside my grief

I know there's still life in me

My heads above the water I'm floating

I still got a chance to proove

That I've got much more to do

I'm tired of the way sadness comes to me

And I'm tired of the tears in my eyes

Though I can't deny, you're still inside and I love you

But my heartache don't make the rules in my life

It's hard for me to see through my future eyes

Living day by day is my plan

And if destiny is still with me I will survive

And my spirit will get me by as I am

It's gonna be alright my brother don't you cry my brother

It's gonna be alright my sister, don't you cry my sister

The day overcomes the night…