The Love Is Gone

Stephen Simmonds

I've been running from confession,

and I've only myself to blame.

Now I'm looking for forgivness,

I never meant to cause you pain.

And though we had our moments

some in heaven and some in hell

I always thought our love would conquer

and our children live to tell.

Look at us now what have we done,

we tried but somehow it all went wrong,

while we were looking for answers

no one said that the love is gone...The love is gone

I've been trying to hide a feeling

I've been trying to prove it wrong

I've been trying to keep believing

That our broken hearts belong

Things got bad then worse

(can't hold on)

And it hurts

(I've been looking for our love but it's gone)

Just let go

(I can't believe we used to be, but now there's only memories

And there's no use in wondering why or how

We used to belong, but look at us now