America To Africa

Stephen Simmonds

In America to Africa

There's a message unrecieved

And a distance that we never go

A truth that's not believed

In America to Africa

From achieving to the need

There are stories that I wish untold

In every paper that I read

So when love arrives

Don't be scared to go

If fear is your alibi

Then loose your control

In America to Africa

If you believe in love

Don't let them hold you back or put you down

Just rise above

In America to Africa

Are you feeling what I feel

Cause' I wanna' know what side you're on;

when belief turns in to real

It won't be long

In America to Africa

From the flower to the root

There's a sickness in the way we grow

In every garden there is proof

In America to Africa

In a silence we all choose

Where the guilty ones all wear our clothes

And they're walking in our shoes