Memory Of You

Richard Shindell

It's uncanny
It's something strange
It's something I have
Long tried to ignore
Behind the curtain
Behind the door
If I keep my eyes cast down
It just might go away

It's got no name
It's got no shape
It can't be photographed
And it lives in no one place
It's got no shame
And it knows no grace
And it's got two long arms
Reaching out for me

I hit the light
I'll take my stand
Let's have your best
Show your hand
The shadows run
And I see true
It's just the memory of you

So what's your pleasure
My phantom friend
What thing could bring you out
To haunt this world again
Some sweet revenge?
Some dread command?
Or do you only need
Someone to hold your hand?

Why did you leave
Your will so vague?
Just three blue lines
Across the page:
You take the vase
I'll keep the rose
And the memory of you