Blue Divide

Richard Shindell

Once I tried to row
'Cause you know I hate to fly
so I set out from the coast
But got battered by the tide
As I glided back to shore
I raised an angry oar
And cursed that blue divide

As if it weren't enough
To still be stranded on the wrong side
I landed in the surf
When a breaker hit my blind side
And when my clothes had dried
I hung my head and cried
Beside that blue divide

Because all that time I thought
That you and I were lost
A toss long fallen wide
In that blue divide
That endless blue divide

So I climbed up on a dune
And found Marconi with his radio
He was looking kind of blue
His antenna rusted long ago
Sitting on the cliff
We shared a handkerchief
Above that blue divide

I waved it in the hope
That you owned a telescope
That could pierce that blue divide

I thought I was marooned
Til I caught sight of your balloon
Rising with the moon
Across that blue divide
That endless blue divide