Richard Shindell

I welcome you my little man
Stolen from your sleepy land
Cut loose from her, my caloused hand
Branded you an exile

The ocean parted when you wailed
And debris of your catastrophe
Set sail inside a silver cup
That she handed to me

No ocean deep, no mountain tall
No liberty, no prison vault
Can keep my baby refugee
From his own inland sea

Where he can play castaway
Where he can play castaway
Where he can play castaway

Now on a dolphin's back I come to you
Bounding from across the blue
Swollen flood inside my vein
To try to explain

How someday far below the moon
You may live beside a green lagoon
And store up pearls for skipping stones
And you'll never be alone

Ocean fall or ocean rise
I see her deep, deep in your eyes
I'm an ocean apart from you
But you'll always be a part of me

'Cause I can play castaway
Two can play castaway
Three can play castaway
We all play castaway