Easy Street

Richard Shindell

We never say goodbye
I never make you cry
Arm in arm and eye to eye
We watch the years go by
You say goodnight and go upstairs
As I drift off in my easy chair
I know exactly how it ought to be
You and I keeping company

Down on easy street
Never a doubt, never a care
Down on easy stret

Our sins are all forgiven here
We thank God just for being there
For laying nature's bounty bare
When we pushed back the wild frontier
Though we are saved by grace along
Still we regret that episode
When spanish gold and indian bones
Were buried under these cobblestones


You never told that lie
That I could never let slip by
You never tried so hard to hide
What I never saw with my own eyes
We never watched our first blush fade
From summer glow to winter shade
We never look for greener days
And I never wonder if I should've stayed