Skin Horse


Ty plays the battle fold though bastardly

Follow said criminal in the form of his hand

He'll chance the overload when it's all about the end

Maybe the size and soul will settle in

Everyone is shifting all around his agonize

Can't make the sort of sound this and dust could sanitize

Gonna see in Earth all edge

Wishing I was at the where all dull razors all began

Shoulder only angel seven half of every golden an

on those who really help me time unveils

Ty regarding visionary

Give it all to me I didnt' wanna be

Singled out for the fire you little tangy

Make a mind to make a friend give it up toenail

Too old for that buy me a big one

To say what's real your not the boss of me

Meet my old man he's just a funny

He makes more than you will take it away

I've got the only wisdom we're still friends

In time it will all be over it will be good

But i'm old and i'm getting older knew i would

Later days finally coming on take me away

Little place near the holy one and let's run

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