Set Me Straight



Los ticka toe rest. Might likea sender doe ree. Your make a doll a ray day sender bright like a penelty.

Exi-tease my ray day member half lost a beat away. Purst in like a one way sender war give a heart like a fay. Cuz I can ford a red eed only street a wide a ree land. Die-mond make a mid-evil bike a sake a like a ree caste. Cuz I can ford a red eed only street a wide a ree land. On a ree land. Find a ree land.

You sink a my swan. Rolly a get a worst in. Maybe minus way far central poor forty duck a pin.

Milk maid dud bean. Master a load a head. Pill pop a dope a well run general hash pump a gonna led.

© 1993 WB Music Corp./Green Lantern Music/Prison Bride Music (ASCAP)


She was my way da bed and i could run my teeth.

It's more like hundred mile nol and know mor men but you can make my teeth growl.

You could make my underworld. Its a big dark world now, its a big dark hell.

Los sicka whacth out for your tails. lika purse told de a male. likea hog dance likea pig tail .

My world dance shattor waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Well baybe im uter foll and i fell to grow She measured hole de foll now and she cleaned my nose.

I looked so peaseful and i looked so underworld. well he anit got no mind all i anit got no tail.

You look like such a worthy man likea a sailer does on the water.

Likea hole damn like phish down likea willow man-o waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

all da signs si call down what you way like aso terro tin in.

lika homicide. like a tis dow like a well bow tis doe waaaaaaay!

Submitted by Zodiac


She wants my way to feel

And I cut my teeth

It's more nine hundred miles

Oh, I got no more me

Well you can make my teeth grind

You can make my underworld

IT's a bit done well now

It's a big dark hell

You sit and watch out for your tails

Like a poison sold on demand

Like a hard chance

Like a pig tail

I walked my self away

Well, baby I'm talked about

And I felt it grow

She makes you undefiled now

And she'll clean my nose

I looked so Peaceul

I looked so underworld

I ain't got no mind, but

I ain't got no tail

You looked like such a worthy man

Like a sinner tossed on the wind

Like a hard sell

Like I've passed on

Like a willow thrown away!

On signs I'll walk down for the way

Like a poison sold on demand

Like a Hard sell

Like I'm set down

Like the well on goes away!!!!!!

The band now sings new lyrics when they play this one live, and they seem to be about heroin and their dead pal Kurt... Submitted by Rene


I'm sin

Done in water

You might be over him

He's somebody's daughter

As far as is well known

Send me a black one

Muzzled in a big fat one

Open with a castrate

Mystery man

He sits here with father

We seem so in love too

Open up a cat skin

White with a pretty hand

Wish the little beast gone

Half-made man

Elvis has honor

Not half-boned siksura

Heavy Betty big bone

Little Kitty big bone

I'm not sweetly

Give me one

Eat more with your collar

Calling me a man

Time is a big one

Lonely and a bit of fun

Mystery and hopeless


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