How About


I remember how I used to walk up and down the streets of the city of New Orleans.

Bound by drugs, bound by alcohol, commiting the different acts of sin, living beneath my privelage,

doing things that were contrary to God as well as the law.

But after all the things that I did and after all the sins that I commited, one day I heard about Jesus.

I'm just like the woman that heard about Jesus coming through the city of Jericho, and she had a problem.

But I had a problem with lying too and lying was sin.

I was living in sin, living and doing things I wanted to do, living and seeing what I wanted to see.

But one day Jesus touched my life and when Jesus came in the liquor went out the drugs went out...

my old lady...the lord ble...I thank God my sins and judge every, and I have a right to the tree...

Doesn't mean jack to me and everyone that knows Jesus and everyone thats been born again

and everyone thats been washed in the blood you heard the brother singin about the blood its stuff about the blood

its stuff about the blood of Jesus and wash away your sins and wash your mind and wash your heart and wash your life, oh praise God.

I thank God for that opportunity and I just wanna let you know that he loves us and the Bible backs it up:

"That God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son,

that whoever should believe in him shall not perish but have an everlasting life..."

Whats the plan when he comes through this door what happens? Speak up, Butch, please.

Well he goes on and goes up to the elevator, gets drunk.

But I mean what does he do? He comes through this through this door? Why don't you just tell me?

He comes through this door goin around and takes the elevator.

What is this the kitchen or-

No this is the freight elevator.

Do you have lots of people coming through like that?

Well theres one.

Do you have alot of celebrities coming through?

Well no holiday, uh, conventions and things in the back just coming up this way.

What do you think abou

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