Night Goat (live)


She was my way da bed and i could run my teeth.

It's more like hundred mile nol and know mor men but you can make my teeth growl.

You could make my underworld. Its a big dark world now, its a big dark hell.

Los sicka whacth out for your tails. lika purse told de a male. likea hog dance likea pig tail .

My world dance shattor waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Well baybe im uter foll and i fell to grow She measured hole de foll now and she cleaned my nose.

I looked so peaseful and i looked so underworld. well he anit got no mind all i anit got no tail.

You look like such a worthy man likea a sailer does on the water.

Likea hole damn like phish down likea willow man-o waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

all da signs si call down what you way like aso terro tin in.

lika homicide. like a tis dow like a well bow tis doe waaaaaaay!

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