Goose Freight Train


Oh Die! They gone and left me for her

On the way

Each every time a think the wheel around [around around]

And it's gone [around around]

I got a reason for heading home

It's not serene

It don't make sense to me

I got the four eyes blooming under half of my bed

Seems to jingle as the razor comes with color and claw

I see it shine I see it stare

Holding hearts in my hand

Take the master morgue and make her have it sitting on side

Let the glory boy of Mr. Henry have it alright.

While it's in front of me

Keeps me insane.

Disguised to take away the feeling the house survives

But all on demand

Disguise thrown over me

Teenage hand

Oh! die You should have known you could have rested on me

Each every time I kept the reel alive

You took me for the drive

To feel the fear and it's hard. . .

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