Jaden Smith

Welcome to my paradise
You can have a pair of dice, you gettin' hungry, we can share a slice
You gettin' uncomfortable like my parents' fights
I'd rather brush it off so I can take you to them Paris lights
I'm the type of kid to cherish nights
'Less I'm trapped in a love that's poisoned with parasites
Now you're gon' tell me you're embarrassed, right?
And now my ego's 'bout as tall as some ferris heights
But now our love's getting scarce
I tried to pray to the love but I seen no doves in the air
Girl I'll go get your mascara
And your Alexander McQueen
So bright, take my hand, we've entered a dream
Can't you tell by the change in the theme?
I'm wearin' ripped up Vans and a hood by Supreme
Guess my subconscious must mean to be a regular teen
Now listen

I get pretty lost in my head
Rather than a dead seed, I try to blossom instead, take notes

I swear I'm out of my mind
I swear I'm all out of time
I swear I'm out of my mind
Can't get Paris out of my mind

Can't get my parents out of my mind
Man I swear everybody's like parrots all of the time
She can't put in her weave
I'm really hatin' her attitude
My friends want me to leave
Well I'ma do what I have to do
Cause life has really been scarin' me
And nobody's strong enough to come carry me
I'm dealin' with my parents and apparently
They say I qualify for some psychiatrical therapy
I'm out

I get pretty lost in my head
Rather than a dead seed, I try to blossom instead, take notes

Let's talk about where you're takin' me
Wanna live in your heart but baby is there a vacancy?
We can just make the drive whenever I'm feelin' Vegasy
What's up with the bandanas? Yeah it goes with my legacy
Get it? You probably bold as my agency
Like every night you stay with me I feel like a Navy Seal
Flyin' on a blaine, Mr. David is real
Don't talk about this like it's fun, homie this famous ish kills
Flyin' on a train with no wheels, I made it myself
Magnetize it with a ratchet, cut the chains in a cell
Your brain is a cell, unleash it like the roof of an eagle
Fly in the sky and then go land in Ibiza
And while I'm walkin' to Egypt