4 My 1

Jaden Smith

She knows, she knows
She knows, she knows
I wish she, was ready to make up
I can see you smile
You have been a wild child for a while, baby
The black and white is tiles
Got me for a mile
Landing on my high notes
Falling into cycles
The macros and the micros
I can't feel you through them tight clothes
But, I can feel your love it might grow
-angelo is after Michael
Baby you can be my Sistine

You're all I need, you're all I need
You are all that I need
Oh yes indeed
I'm on my knees, I'm on my knees
I am on my knees
Oh yes indeed

The funny thing about life is
I forget it when I write this
Getting famous from my high kick
Tell you what's right there
Nevermind that's frightening
Then I strike like lightning
I write, then I light them
Won't say it again
Sayin' I'm famous we flying to Vegas again
And they say that they pay for this
If your okay with them taping this
Man, I'm debating this

I didn't grow up an atheist
But man it gets so clear who's Satan is
And man I'm not doing your interviews
Cause CNN doesn't have better news
I do all the things that I said I'd do
Open your eyes I'm ahead of you
L-E-X is the Avenue
I will not stop until I am incredible
The center of all your attention is me in the room when I'm doing my center fold
Imma go XXX
And I would be so surprised if your crew was eligible
Well I just put my whole clique on a pedestal
Kick it with models but sleep in my bed alone
Young upper echelon
I stay with my clique like a metronome click
Had a few friends at the crib
And the PoPo came through to come shut down the festival
Had a new chick at the crib she respectable
That's unacceptable, give her flowers ahead of time
She said that she go to Pepperdine cryin' at 9am
Homie I said I'm fine
She said she hate when I'm in her mind
'Long as I make it to dinner time then I can ball out
Then we can fall out
What is you talkin' 'bout?
What is you talkin' 'bout?
I'm talkin' 'bout reading a book up in London
And walking around 'till it's dark out
That vision I saw it now
I'm not a scientist
Go read a hieroglyph
Go stay where Osiris is
I'm clearing my sinuses