Jaden Smith

I am the last one intelligence
The swag comes with elegance
That was blessed upon you,
But that's just what you learn from these jets and fondu
I'll handle the bill, but the rest is on you
Jaden is true, yes I'm on to the nextsest
MSFTS were so reckless
I'm on the stage careless what the set
Is Because you did not put me on it
And Imma diss you if you try to put me on it
Said I used to be sweet, put a cookie on it
Jaden stop playin 'games I'm just playin' Hookie honest
But I just wanna be snug tight with the girl of my dreams to continue this love life
Cuz 'it took a lot of pain to get here
And it's gonna be gone by this time next year
And Notre Dame is a good school
But I do not got a problem now, cuz Imma be on tour with my pillow sobbing straight,
Cuz I used to be the bat and you used to be my robin, but a girl version
And my world is turning upside down
Everybody shut up right now
Somebody pull me up right now
Cuz 'I'm swimming in my souls, and I just might Drown girl
And my past is graphic
You make my heart the afternoon, like some acid lictid
All my friends told me I'm the best, and do not believe em '
But I'm going to the top, and you know that I will never leave em '
That's the crew there
And Imma talk about Root Beer in my songs if I want to
Cuz 'we're at the top
Marley are you here
No, cuz 'we do not want you here
Chillin 'with your friends, I have not seen you in 2 years
Have fun with Kennedy
When you kick it before she goes away, and does not ask me to vist
Have a problem though, What is it
Girl I'm not gon 'see you, buts it's really not gon' be different
From the past
Year Everyone says I'm changing
Gone to my head,
Have not even been famous
Karate Kid is behind us, diamonds on my neck is simply a reminder of
All the shots and all the set ups
All the tears I cried just so I can get my leg up
Then I came and the joker go his bread up
and walk around time young man with his head up
Had to make it rain and the storm did not let up
Till my movies went out of the theaters,
And all y'all just forget us
Now Willow is the star
Man, How weak is that
Pink Hair, High Socks Can not Compete With That

I'm Gonzoe [4x]
I do what I want
when I wanna do it
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Now I cut through it
I'm Gonzoe [4x]
I do what I want
when I wanna do it
You stop me now
I run through it

Uh, Pulling off for throtho
All my other haters
I'll stuff you down in a bottle
I'm Maybach, You jokers rockin 'tiho
Your girl fine
My girl look like she a model
Uh, More than Picasso's artistic
Messin 'jokers up
I'm looking like "Que Paso"
My flow is tight, your flow is just not so
Sorry if I'm coming off a bit hostel