Keep Ya Love

Jaden Smith

I'm so vibey, man I dare all you jokers to try me
Treat me highly, bout as high as them secret societies
Secret societies, secretly they've all been eyein' me
Christopher Syre, they said that they ready to sire me
Said that they ready to hire me
Well I don't know where all of them flyers be
You not gon' find a mason fly as me
You not gon' find a mason fly as me
I hate you jokers entirely
Sorry but you tire me, you be like where your tires be?
But that no gravity Tesla's what I got
And I'm respectful so I'm not gon' tell you what I dropped
But it's hot, it's next on as a text, go get my flex on
Killin' people for oil, it's kinda like you're Exxon
But war's what a joker tryna put an X on
I'ma do it until all my freakin' checks gone
Until my next's gone, and put my decks on eBay and sell 'em
Any MSFTS in the world don't know, go run and tell 'em
Bout to be a rebellion, it's the indigos
It's the indigos, go grab every friend you know
And hold hands 'til you are invincible
Put a forcefield around you, feel it head to toe
And don't stop 'til you jokers think you're cool as eskimos
We are inside you and we're calm and yet connected
And anything offends, at second guess we will deflect it
And anything that's truthful and genuine, we'll accept it
We're the collective and we'll show you to the exit
We're the collective
We'll show you to the exit

Keep, keep, keepin' your love