Jaden Smith

Man I met her on Monday
Went on Twitter, had her number by Tuesday
That's how I get it usually
Batman, black man on this Bruce Wayne
Please don't confuse me
You chilling on Wednesday
Come with me I don't care what your friends say
I'm running on empty
No worries, we goin' hop up on the Bentley
I rub your thigh gently
X-Man he resenting me
You wanna meet my mom on Friday
I said sorry that's my day
Kick it on the sly or the highway
And I bring us to the next thing
And you trynna check me
Telling I ain't text her
Communication, homie trust me I'm an expert

Electric love

It's that electricity
Don't care about your ethnicity
Girl let's get busy
Girl let's get busy

I haven't seen you in some months
My friends tell me that you're spun off of summer
Cause you're having fun
But girl tell me when it's done
Cause I know imma get it when it comes
Well baby girl you can't run
Cause you know I pay attention when it rung
It was only three times little mommy
I ain't stupid, I ain't dumb
Imma wait until you come to pappy
Make you fall in love
Lady you can't stop me
You wanted other guys
Sorry, they can't top me
Cause I'm still a movie star
Even if they flop, see
I'm not cocky, I'm confident
And I don't see anything wrong with it
Well all your friends here girl they non-legit
I'm non-offensive
Let's get on with this
It's all electric

Had to stop in the middle of the hook
Cause baby girl you got me hooked
Know you sexy I ain't even got to look
Cause girl I read you like a book
Now please girl tell me what you took
Put a red, bottom of your foot
And you chilling like a model in the cut
J, do you pop bottles in the club?
No, I don't like the party and the owner of the club
No, I don't really listen to it unless it's a
Love song, now she trynna fight
Jaden put your gloves on
What a waste of water
We already had the tub going
Little better than the last fight
Little harder than the first one
Zone out when the hook here
Go crazy when the verse come
Gone when the worst come
Instagraming when your shirts come
And she said she Norwegian
Been a minute since I've been up in that region
And girl stop teasing
Camouflage and I ain't really do cheesing
And a joker straight steezing
Come to see you
I don't need to have a reason
And wear all black
Feeling like a seasoning
And if you give me butt
I'm gonna squeeze it
And I'm out