Young & Reckless

Jaden Smith

Young, young - fresh, fresh
Reckless, reckless - reckless, reckless

Young, reckless, hit you, put some ice on it
Got a bet, homie, roll some dice on it
Yeah, I'mma ball, mamacita you look nice on it
O, and Chaos made the beat, but Teo put some spice on it
Yeah, yeah, my vocal sound nice on it
Yeah, gets really cold her at night, don't it?
Yeah, because you chilling with the coldest
Man, I spit you knowledge cause you need to know this
Man, you listen to these lyrics, you say kill the kid that wrote this
Man, I write my opus, man, my book is open
All you jokes lokers, hokus pokus, sexy models poke us
You disloyal punks, you laughing, I don't understand your jokes
But I'mma keep it moving
How you gon' tell us that we not the dopest?
Jab you in the face just to show you where the rope is
Man, you talking future, homie, we probably the closest
But why this girl texting me asking where all her clothes is?
I'm losing my focus, these rhymes are provoking
My arms are convulsing, how many times have I wrote this?
Wait, I think I'm straight losing my memory
But that'll be the thing that make sure you remember me
You jokers stupid like drinking Hennessy, go to Tennesse
Think you better than me? Well, homie, let's just wait and see

Cause I'm young, young - fresh, fresh
Then we reckless, reckless - reckless, reckless
Young, young - fresh, fresh
Then we reckless, reckless - reckless, reckless

I flip words like light flips of a disco
Got a prom then let's go, shooting of like a pistol
You gon' make it rain, well, I ain't afraid of no drizzle
You keep rizzle, I keep you checked with the shizzle
Drop it all just to go pre-order the trizzle
Cause you don't know jack about that Tesla
Cause I just came back with my fresh cut
So guess what, man, I'm walking with my chest up
The butterfly doors make a joker look fresh, huh
Johnny Depp steez, get off of the steps please
We get all the fish in the sea cause we on jetskis
Smith cool as the Gretsky's, we back back in the West Indie's
Making some fresh tee's where the pigs can't arrest me
Your mic dusty, you sure rusty, you jokers must be
On vacation cause you can't touch me, it's ugly
I flip words like kickflips in the 'burbs
Like nothing you've never heard, a Jazzy Jeff when he turns
Man, this kid is absurd, where'd he get all these words?
Probably from them stupid books he's reading
And imprints on his shirts
Like you don't know jack about that new school
Jokers from way back complaining we too cool
We reckless