Cryin' On The Hard Shoulder


Just one more sip,

I'll be on my trip,

from hell to paradise.

Won't hear you shout,

cus' I block it all out,

I got nothing in this life.

A wild beast with the devil in your breast,

putting our friendship to the test.

When it comes to drinking you're the title holder,

but I won't, I won't leave you ..

Cryin', cryin' cryin' ..

on the hard shoulder ..

You've got the Bourbon blues,

you've got holes in your shoes,

but really that's nothing new.

You won't get my pity or my pint,

to stay up all night,

But I've got empathy for you.

It's really such a waste,

when you get that taste,

cus' it always lets you down.

From bad to worse ..

progress in reverse,

walking home from town.

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