Request To Rest

Cardinal Sin

Strange thoughts blazing through my head

A nether darkness is where I've been led

The world has nothing to offer me

Sometimes I think i wasn't meant to be

Is it attention? Is it love I want?

Or is it the end pleading in my heart?

My will is weakened by my disbelief

Death could be my only hope for relief

There's no other way for me to turn

Confussion and sorrow is all I've earned

My life has been a total waste of time

A slice of the razor and I'll be fine

Crying out Pleading out

Heard is no sound

Life to choose Win to lose

Straight to the burial mound

request to rest to end my sorrow

Request to rest No tomorrow

In pain

I dwell

My life

Is hell


Now my eyes only see red

All the pain that I've been fed

Why can't anybody care

For you and me Nothing is clear

Why am I here? Who'll dry my tear?


I got no right to take my life

No other answer but to fight

Will not give in

Someday I'll win,

because we must fail to get it right

We don't choose to be born

Much less when to die

We're not to decide

It's just one life to live

Don't throw it away

Love will find it's way