Cardinal Sin

Look at the sky 'cause It's turning red

Nothing to do we shall be dead

The push of a button Apocalypse can begin

Why do we have to die for others to win

You made your bomb as you preached for peace

When will hipocracy ever cease

I won't fight for expression of your hate

It is your bomb and it's your mistake

Many millions who died during the wars

Many mutations and horrible scars

Those who lived the pity holocaust

Living reminders of warefare's cost

We know the ones who started all

We gave them power and now we'll watch them fall



Take away our hard working green


To make the most powerfull machines


Who gives a damn if you win or lose a war


Like things are marching the end is not far

Nobody got the right to take our lives

How can we make peace with such a threat in mind

They are leading us to the abyss

Tell our rulers they can sit on this

They think the world is theirs to do what they want

About the people they really don't give a fuck

They cheer for victory death is for us

Lets waste the bastards nail'em to a cross



Written on the walls are the names who fell under their seige command

Nobody can erase them but have dared to forget the mortal men

What about the people who await their family to come back

They suffer for reasons that nobody can or will understand

Until they experience the loss of flesh and blood

That's what we have to do so we can be the country's sons

The maniacs who killed humanity

They won't even die of insanity

They force you in with persistence

Like the choice you have for existence

It's only a life we lose

Only a life we lend

You can always make another one

It's only a life my friend