Hell Turns To Ice

Cardinal Sin

Human beings

Is that what you call yourselves

Human beings

If you think you deserve respect

But there's nobody we can blame for the misuse of our name

Emptyness lashes unmercyfully

Time seems to stop against my will

I rip in the fangs of a slavering beast

Against the mighty hall of the still


Ashes of pride

Euphoric suicide

When hell turns to Ice

When hell turns to Ice

Pitifulness sleeps in my head

Washing away all this mess

How can I actually pretend

If I'm worth more than the rest

Criptic missionaire

Sailing the roaring seas

There's no spot on this earth

Where I can be pleased



I won't march the protest lines

What do you think?

Am I out of my mind?

Listen to me

Ears close on my words

I'm nothing but I help

To keep alive the world

It's painfull to knowledge

The difference of thoughts

Even the deepest feelings

With wealth can be bought


Living dangerously

But breathing worse

Impurity Anarchy

Endless source of waste

And who will respond to this call? You?

Don't think twice

Because hell turns to Ice

When hell turns to Ice

When hell turns to Ice