Cardinal Sin

A sentence of death

A choke is my last breath

A mistake has given me my life

A homicidal trend

At the border to the end

Pain comes ripping like a knife

Sucking my limbs

I lose you win

Let me live don't drain my soul

As soon as I'm done

Like many more to come

They will throw me in a hole


Breaking me tearing my limbs


Grabbing me crushing my ribs

The only thing that will be left

Is my empty crib

Victims of manipulation

Never enter the population

Genocide Infanticide

All across the nation


Clock is ticking fast

A chance is all I ask

Save your own begotten son

Avoiding my reality

Gambling with your sanity

Remember where you came from

A shallow room a stench of doom

A shattered dream fills my empty crib

A void is left

A soul without rest

I died before I ever lived