Edge Of Reality

Cardinal Sin

As we become more subtilized in our minds

We can perceive different ways of energy and light

Everything is life

Everything is alive with conciousness

Living in the dark at the edge of reality

Not knowing what's real what's not and what's in between

Manipulated souls blinded by masterminds

Reality that's truth and lie at the same time

When you dream you go away into another dimention

You can explore experience it's like an inner extention

Your other self

In my dreams reality means nothing at all

Everything is possible I am in control

A place where there's no fear

A place I wish was real

How come a mind so powerfull

Can be as well so weak

Not capable of understanding our hidden abilities

Live and die Play the part

Don't ask why Agonize

I wonder about demons U.F.O.s , deities

Could they all be real

maybe they're just fantasy

Were we created by God

Or did we evolve

I'll never know the answers to the mysteries

Of this world