Where To Begin

Bowling For Soup

Sail away, sail away with me

I don't have a ship

But we could get one easily

Drift away, drift away with me

On the raft we'll make of memories

On an ocean we can call forever more

Pre chorus:

I want to find

A piece of your mind

I want to see

Your make believe

I don't want to try so hard

I make it hard for you to breathe


Jump into the ocean

Living on a notion

If you're caught up in the motion

Back track and do it again

And if you make it up

I could never get enough

Me and you together

But you've gotta tell me where to begin

Break away, break away from me

No forget that, just sit here and look at me

Summer's day

Summer every day

And we watch the sunset come back up

And somehow know it never goes back down

Pre chorus


I've been saving up to buy more time with you

You've been living it up with someone else

And that's okay with me

Because I know it and you know it too


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