Bowling For Soup

I met her just today

But I've seen her before

and now I sit beside her

When she told me her name

I said "that's my favorite song"

and she said she's never heard it

She broke my trane of thought

when she told me a secret

the one about her friend now

I felt her hand upon my knee

I guess I forgot to breathe

But only for a moment


All the While I'm thinkin that I

can't believe she's here with me now

I might be dreamin if I am

don't tell me I don't want to know

She got up to get a beer

so I moved closer to her chair

and she pretended not to notice

I hope she doesn't leave

cause I'd like to talk some more

before I have to go now


I guess my talk was just to small

I am not getting anywhere

but, Ive been here before

so I'll just drive home by myself

and drift away to sleep

I guess its no big deal


They finally closed the doors

so I walked her to her car

and the rain began to poor

and with a smile she said good bye

and I watched her drive away

I guess I lossed again now!!


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