Bowling For Soup

got it stuck in a bind

I don't even know why

It sucks to even try

But I won't try anymore

She took the afternoon train

To find a different plane

But life down the drain

Better than being ignored

Pre Chorus:

I think I'm taking a vacation now

I'm on holiday and maybe I won't rest

Until I've thrown it all away

Yeah I've got it down


I'm gonna feel sorry for myself

I want to blame it on everyone else

I want to be self centered

And make everybody feel sorry for me

She sent a postcard again

She said she had a new friend

I hope that by the end

He throws her heart to the floor

She says he's really ok

I hope he ends up gay

It's not a nice thing to say

But I don't care anymore


My leg fell asleep

Cause you laid on it

There's no reason to dwell on it

It's just not worth it

Remember a year ago

When we played in the show

Now get outta my head

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