Bowling For Soup

It was ten years in the making, but, they finally got to tour.

I bought all there albums, I've got there sticker on my door.

I didn't know this girl from Adam. She was with some guy named Stan.

She drank Bud Ice from the can and got her rocks off with the band.

And she would sing to me.

She's all over me.

This girl is scaring me!

When they called he "silly girl" they were right on!

"Dirty sheets" and "Sour Grapes" she kept on

Dancing on and on.

She's just like so many girls,

She just wants to go home with the band.

Maybe if she makes us breakfast,

One of us will hold her hand.

She graduated art school and she read A Clockwork Orange.

She asked me if I had any drugs and she laughed when I said "no."

She hit up "P" for a CD, and he thaught that he might score.

Next thing you know her minds on "Q" but he was passed out on the floor

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