All Figured Out

Bowling For Soup


I've got a new direction

A blueprint for erection of a new life

It's such a simple situation

Some kind of masturbation

With a new twist

I don't know why


I've got it all figured out

We can make it

And I'll never let you down

Just take my hand

And understand

There's a lot of tomorrows

I let you down

You had no complaints

Watched as the world went spinnin'

Around without you

You waited for me

You wanted diamonds

I came up with rollerblades

Shot down again but you smiled

And shook your head

And knew that I'd changed



I was the one who had shit for brains

I never took the time to notice

That I was always wrong and you weren't

You were the one who gave up so many things

Took you for granted

But you understanded


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