I Don't Wanna Rock

Bowling For Soup

It really sucks to give your heard to a girl
You want to know her like she knows
the whole world
But ten in, its obvious,
you're going nowhere...

She makes you tell her that she's your best friend
You tell her things you know woudldn't make her mad
Don't want to be the one to say things are
going nowhere...

Where are you now??
Where are you now??

I don't wanna talk
I don't wanna rock
I don't wanna wait by the phone and,
I don't wanna tell you I love you
Don't wanna tell you I love you anymore!!!

It's hard to live outside her safty zone
'Cause you remember being all alone
Two kinds of misery and either way
you're going nowhere...

And she makes me want to be a homosexual
Maybe I'll be her best friend; maybe see
her naked once in a while

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