The Shreds Of Sanity

Bolt Thrower

Within your mind, you feel a force

Striving to gain control, it burns you deep inside

No one can help you now

You try to focus on reality, feel your mind slipping

An outside air of composure, but inside you're screaming

Inside you're screaming

White blinding lights, now turns your world to black

Alone in silence, you prepare to meet the final attack

Your mind now out of control, a psychological disease

Your greatest fears envelop your mind - Infect it with torment

Now totally insane, you cannot remember your life before

A final vain hope, as you grasp for the shreds

The shreds of sanity

The shreds of sanity

You cannot hide the fear, confusion eats at your will

You lived your life upon a knifeedge of sanity

As your grip begins to fail, the words echo through your mind

Look what has become of your world

(Your world)

(The shreds...)

The shreds of sanity

(The shreds...)

The shreds of sanity