Suspect Hostile

Bolt Thrower

Through the ages

As tensions rise

All hostile and unknown

Witnessing demise

When lives are worthless

Under friendly fire

Suspected hostile

Target acquired

Attained tac - recon - regain misuse

Spying eyes - reap the truth

Evolution proficiency

Air track engagement futility

Visual angle - 12 rad of ark

Filling scores - symbols coming dark

No defiance - gather in all prey

Track rapid fire - impact point displayed

Hostile target verified

Positiob traced - you cannot hide

Mass destruct - initiate the cause

Range within low flight - acquisition within war

All tributaries - ballistics in disruption

Confirmed kills integrity - N.C.T.R. corruption

Escape is to evade

Rancor empowers

It's creation sets the trap

In vertical dimensions

New lightning wars to which man will

Bridge the gap