Intro...unleashed (upon Mankind)

Bolt Thrower

You watch in terror, in fear of your life

Their execration revealed, only your death will suffice

You cannot conceal, this reality from your mind

As unknown powers, are unleashed upon mankind

Unleashed upon mankind

Running - in search of safety

No escape - from [the] deadly wrath

Screaming - you beg for mercy

Silenced - by the searing blast

You are forced to believe, this is for real

Mind frozen with horror, as your body trembles in fear

No prayers for deliverance, your gods you now forsake

Summon courage from within, face your unperceived fate

Unleashed upon mankind

Awaiting - with expectation

Impending - life's annihilation

Annihilation [sings something else here]

Mass genocide - the resolution

Now verified - out termination

Now the stench of death, abides throughout the world

As infesting plagues, cause agonies untold

Unleashed upon mankind

You are the final victim, no one else has survived

Alone you now suffer, eagerly waiting to die

The ending draws nearer, our extinction is justly deserved

Through thoughtless intentions, this holocaust incurred

The closing chapter finished, now face the torment and pain

Through death it becomes clearer, mankind alone is to blame

Unleashed upon mankind [doesn't sing this]