A Hollow Truce

Bolt Thrower

First hour approaches

Repretuating grief

Empowering to strike down

Sowing the defeat

Their centre - line lies broken

We will not forget

Though faith will never falter

Near life - closer to death

Exhilarated fervour

Fear is for the weak

Another rank and file falls

One more fills the breach

Formation under heavy fire

Unable to strike back

Seized at disadvantage

Retreat harder than attack

View the pre-dawn aura

Carve stone in hollow ground

Dark contract of sorrow

Unknown no names found

Sanity in question

Enemy within

Position of no error

Mortal strenght to win

Traety for an armistice

Revert to battle plan

Entrenched in delusion

The last vestige of man

Forever gone now, memories of the fall

No semblance of an order lost

Lost paths - direction clear once more