Challenge For Power

Bolt Thrower

Final challenge laid down

Decision on victory is death

Ultimate forces rise

Building weapons of strength

Wheels of war again roll

Strategic tactics are planned

Military minds take control

Ownership of the domain

Taste to conquer grows strong

Ruler of all that remains

Agony for conquest prolongs

Call for the power to rise

Battle of strength within strives

Total authority demands

Ruling territorial lands

Fighting for total command this night

Successor to take up control

Aggression overthrows fear

Your downfall slowly unfolds

Burning quest for power

Possess minds as they fight

Domination and destruction

Reign in glory of might

Challenge for power ends

Battle cry for victory (sound) no more

Ultimate forces have grown

Rising from the slaughter of war

Rulers of the seven nights rise

The future of mankind unfolds

Hail the dawning of a new age

The master race shall now take control