The Things That Hate Us


See I come from a time where they didn't put rear view mirrors on passenger sides of vehicles

And this is for those that still drink malt liquor
Put the poison in your body just to pass out quicker
When death calls best believe it's gonna get all emotional
Because I ain't goin' to hell without my menthols
Damn cable TV got me trapped in
Girls actin' dumb and cops beatin' black men
Overfill, overkill, tryin' to deal
Call the toll free and order my some diet pills
Got me looking at the sugar in the Kool-Aid that you made
You need to chase it down with some toothpaste
Still stuck to the simple things yep the struggle in between a couple of krispy kremes
I have to ask if you could pass that half and half to get my coffee back on track
Big ups to all the carbonated hiccups the energy drinks and the suicide big gulps
Gonna find happiness in the fast food
Supersize the triple bypass heart attack too
Distract you with these colorful tattoos to cover up the fact that we feel like bad news

We love the things that hate us
Push snooze again girl I don't want to wake up
America the beautiful that's how she played us
Wasn't that cute it must have been her make up
Trying to grab everything that she gave us
Just take it back in the math on that pay stub
Lookin' at the neighbors like wait up
We love the things that hate us

Pain killers help find some feeling
Crack the vic in half just to break the time sealant
Take it by yourself on the living room carpet
Do a little bump just to clean your apartment
? I've seen your wife she's not the true finest?
I understand why you like to pay them prostitutes
Strip clubs gun shops oh Jesus right next to the liquor store for your convenience
Everybody say ho for the cuervo
You can drive if you promise to be careful
Turn the radio up and light a doobie
And keep acting like life is like a movie
This is for those needles you share because
Those after school TV specials is too square
Cook the coke for your own consumption
? All some joe joe dems? In old school
What's your function
As American as herpes and hot dogs
Got lost between the mustard and the hot sauce
Unprotected sex with that one you just met
You ain't even got all your hep shots yet


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