Bleed Slow



I think her pony-tails are a little too tight

Because she's alone walking with me in this moon-light

Tonight she fits in my palm

The storm isn't anywhere close to calm

Look I've gone and captured the mortal

Put my face to hers clutched her by the torso

And when the lips touched I inhaled

Didn't matter that she hadn't been kissed much

It's such a shame some have a name

And everyone becomes the same

Can't help but adore each one he's torn

From the pores of the face of the earth's core

This is ones more difficult than the last one

This one had an open window she could ask him

If someday he'll be the one to come and save her

Take her away before she takes her away


Take her away to where she didn't need to go

Life fast, bleed slow

Will he ever know the power of speak

Wouldn't be what it was if the prey wasn't weak

Take a peak into the way I seek

The water for the creek

The daughter of the speak

Slaughter of the meak

The Godly technique

The monster march is to a different beat

She don't love herself no more

Won't be nobody elses whore

No one like him spoke before

Now he's gonna take her to see the seashore

There you can stare at the waves

Be brave, take your place

Your safe slowly

He traces her face with an index fingertip full of hate

Love 'em and leave 'em

Love'em or they leave you

Some see the glow but some glow is see through

As life leaves her body he screams me too

All he ever wanted was to teach you to reach you

Death is the cousin of sleep

Just close your eyes count sheep and breathe deep

Think about the sound of relief that surrounds you

You were already gone before I found you

[Chorus] X4

Live fast, bleed slow

Live fast, bleed slow

The power of speak

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