(Good evening ladies and gentlemen let me get a warm welcome from... more importantly Denver)

(Nothing I say, nothing I say, my mistake to you)

Here I am alone in an airport bar

Why, just cause I don't own a car

Its valentines day, I'm returning home from Berkley

Aint a damn thing that y'all can do to hurt me

Unsober, laid over in Denver

The waitress could smell it the minute I entered

There's seven shells losing their souls in here

Sporadically placed amongst scotch and beer

But there's one woman in the back left corner

Who looks like she could really use the support

If I could only muster the strength to be a friend

Who knows how this adventure could end

Bend me up, slip me the tongue, shoot me down

Cut me loose, bury me, and piss on the ground

Felt the water, but sober it's over y'all

Don't know if I can get down for too much longer

Everywhere I go I find at least one

And I bet it won't die till the travel is done

For as long as I learn my heart hope to god

Up to the side of my head ride and die for the young

(Nothing I say, nothing I say, my mistake to you)


It's the sound of emotion enough

To make me wanna hang myself from the rafter that's over my bed

But when I stop to climb the ladder that's embedded in my heart

I start to question all the emotion in my head

Repeat till end

(Nothing I say, nothing I say, my mistake to you)

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