Cuando Limpia El Humo



Patterned around the thought and the will

We shattered the sound of perpendicular noise

Now gather 'round, blueprints to rebuild

On top of that, I found I'm gettin' sick of your voice

Retentive, the Earth makes me tend to introvert

And I've presented the worth of these kicks and this wrinkled shirt

Ingested verse for seconds and a big dessert presented

Thirst with sprinkles of dope indisbursed

When you burst, it won't be an accident

It'll be a worldwide web of heads takin' this shit back again

(6-1-2) Now find the emergency exits

'Cause I'ma snap a spine to make an example of the skeptics

(Atmosphere) I don't care if you know me or you hate me

Just come check out the show and travel back home safely

Lately, a weird thought occured to me

What if I was to grab the mic, which one of y'all would service me?

(Watch the rhythm) Inventions to rock the restless and kill your ego

Your whole karma's vibin' off the vex

It's best if you take a hard look at what you're givin' me

('Cause your name and your rank don't mean shit to me)

[Slug and Beyond]

Stars and Stripes are like cars and bikes

They're just vehicles you steer to ride other peoples fears

Stars and Stripes are like nails and spikes

They're just tools that you use against the physical rules


Put down your weapon son (Slug talking)

Put down your weapon son

Put down your weapon son

Would you put down your weapon?


I heard a grip of little voices in a thousand heads

Calling me out of my rest to come and plow your steps

An elder once told me to always use precision

(Discretion and vision when you start the ignition)

'Cause any engine is highly delicate and what you got to say

Is irrelevant if you're talking for the hell of it

I smell some shit, check your sole, brotha

did you step in it, now who suffers from my control deficite?

I can't go out like you (&

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