Cats Van Bags



I can't scratch, cause I'm drunk

I got bad teeth and my gums are bleeding

Come and fucking get me, motherfucker

Yeah, break, start the song now, fucker

(Verse 1)


We travelin the missle, weavin' through your cornfields

Leavin behind a trail of amature porn and orange peels

Navagatin through this basement, the mascarades

As our nation, practicin' my acid take, masturbation

Watchin the expressions on the faces

Of the ones designated to be the queens, kings, and (??)

How many miles can you put on one soul

Before the smile starts to blend into one big bullet hole

[Brother Ali]

Shoot through it as a union, with the best of my crew

Bumpin melodys and memories too, my heads killin me, ohh

Stomach empty, my bladdar is full

(????) on Jay Birds phone Cryin, ya missin me

And I'm stallin', I'll bite ya arm off

Sabertooth Tiger, run the night with the sharp claws

In ya backyard just to fuck with ya guard dog

Throw a brick through your shit and cut the alarm off



Fuck yes, I do my best to take advantage in bouts

With one hand over the mouth, still managin' to shout

Theres more said, then in the lines in your forehead

Then could ever try to find print on the inside of that warhead

Cross counrty, like a little lost junky

Make them hot and jumpy, trying to get that God money

Stearin the van through the blizzards, the fanfare

Pivit when we visit, spit victim if you stand there

[Brother Ali]

Take a map of this picture, throw a dart at it, thats where

We took a room back full the kids and threw a heart at it

Angry like a hostage, Kickin like a little bitch in one of Dibs's mosh pits

Shifitin through your city limits tryin to find the raw shit

Thread and needle wit it, and weave a world of hate together, till we get

'em car sick

Face full of war paint, strapped ready for action

Battle cracks headin, trying to seek the satisfaction of the captain



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