My Little Love


Mmh, mmh

My little loveI see your eyes widen like an ocean
When you look at me so full of my emotions
I′m finding it hard to be here, sincerely
I know you feel lost, it's my fault completely

Tell me you love me
I love you a million percent

I don′t recognise myself in the coldness of the daylight
So I ain't surprised you can read through all of my lies
I feel so bad to be here when I'm so guilty
I′m so far gone, and you′re the only one who can save me

Oi, I feel like you don't love me
Why do you feel like that?
Do you like-like me?
You know, mommy doesn′t like anyone else like I like you, right?

I'm holding on (barely)
Mama′s got a lot to learn (it's heavy)
I′m holding on (catch me)
Mama's got a lot to learn (teach me)

Mummy's been having a lot of big feelings recently
(Like how?)
Just, like, hang on lemme-, my fingers are trapped
Like, um, I feel a bit confused
(Why?) I don′t know
And I feel like I don′t really know what I'm doing
(Oh, at all?)
At all
And that would make me go

My little love
Tell me, do you feel the way my past aches?
When you lay on me, can you hear the way my heart breaks?
I wanted you to have everything I never had
I′m so sorry if what I've done makes you feel sad

I love your dad ′cause he gave you to me
You're half me and you′re half daddy

I'm holding on (barely)
Mama's got a lot to learn (it′s heavy)
I′m holding on (catch me)
Mama's got a lot to learn (teach me)

I′m having a bad day, I'm having a very anxious day
I feel very paranoid, I feel very stressed
Um, I have a hangover, which never helps, but

I feel like today is the first day since I left him that I feel lonely
And I never feel lonely, I love being on my own
I always preferred being on my own than being with people
And I feel like maybe I′ve been, like, overcompensating
Being out and stuff like that to keep my mind off of him
And I feel like today I'm home, and I wanna be at home
I just wanna watch TV and curl up in a ball and
Be in my sweats and stuff like that, I just feel really lonely
I feel a bit frightened that I might feel like this a lot

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