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Fernando Delgadillo is a songwriter born in Mexico in 1965. Has a career spanning more than 20 years as a composer and interpreter of his own songs. An independent attitude against the big record companies has earned him public recognition.

His first steps as a songwriter's given in 1986 when he began composing his first songs and interpret them in the "El Sapo Cancionero", a bar located north of Mexico City. In 1989, along with Gonzalo Ceja, Juan Gonzalez, Rodrigo Solis and Eder SEIMUS Form (Society of Urban Underground Writers and Musicians), a group of singers who are dedicated to recording his own songs each. In 1990 SEIMUS members begin to record several homemade albums begin to distribute at concerts. Delgadillo would record two of these tapes home, "Cure" and another named "La Canción Informal".

In 1997, Delgadillo was invited to China to participate in the "International Festival of Television of Beijing." After the festival some of his songs were translated into Chinese. Later in June, he was invited to the "International Youth Festival" with headquarters in Havana, Cuba.

The following year, 1998 for the presentation of his album "Among pair and drifts" was first presented at the Teatro Metropolitan in Mexico City. Also that year, Silvio Rodriguez invited him to play in his second concert at the Auditorio Nacional.

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