Whutthadilly (Too Ill Mix)

Too Phat

Whut tha dilly, what ?
Whut tha dilly, what ?
Whut tha dilly, what ?
Whut tha dilly silly Billy what the dilly really what ?

(verse 1)
Aiyo silly... you the king of rap now really ?
But still I'll snatch your crizzown eventually
You say wassappenin' i scream back, yo whut that dilly ?
Me and Joe just the two of us like Big Willy
We be really silly, corny, funny and naughty
Special shout out to Lil' Boogie and Booboo Shorty
Crack a forty now while I'ma tell a story
Metaphoric exposatory allegories
Derogatory or maybe I can make it mushy
Moshi moshi baby come and hoochie koochie wit' me
Boogie woogie wit me groove wit' no commotion
My rap styles will make honies move like locomotion
Your boyfriend say that rappers one helluva fella
Makin' my gurlie spin like a helicopter propeller
Too Phat my rhymes need a liposuction
Malique and Joe now you can skip the introduction

(repeat chorus 2X)

Attention, attention can i have your attention please
wack emcees drop to your knees
Sit back and learn how to make the ladies scream
I reign supreme like prince naseem nahmean ?

(verse 2)
(Joe Flizzow)
Whut tha dilly ? eat jelly play witcha belly
Booboo feelin lonely? call me on my celly
Baby we can disco, coffee in a bistro
Maybe catch a plane and we go honeymoon in frisco
(Jiggedy Jizzoe wit' tha flizzow) yeah, I usta grow an afro
'till all the honeys said, ah man I hatecha hair bro !
So now I'm baldy, be hunky and funky
Rockin' microphones and makin' people jumpin' monkeys
Jungle junkies, baboons, orang utans
Your style goes mine comes like a boomerang
(so you say you keepin it real? ) nah, I'm just keepin it right
You claimin' hardcore soundin' like a transvestite
Wannabe gangsta rapper cause you got the gore
but can't even say, she sells seashells by the seashore
So what the beef for? playa? now whacha got ?
Just grab the mic and make it ha hot ha ha hot


(verse 3)
ay baby bubba, wanna get down wit' a hip hopper ?
Your momma calls me son but you can call me poppa
Baby bite a BK Whopper booboo bop your head and stuff
and when you crack and wreck your neck you know had enough
Wiggedy what the diggedy dilly what the diggey dilly what ?
You actin' siggedy silly I'll give you a coco butt
What the heck? cut the crap, lemme rock the discotheque
Now pick a cute kitty cat i chiggedy chat her on a bet
(who supercalifragilistic ?) yeah, now you know it's me
and everybody in the party wanna get wit' me
'cause I'm the illest, baddest disco voodoo dadda
and if you wanna bust a move then booboo make it proper
I'ma play Big Poppa lets BS and party
Like LSG your body over my body, you hottie
Now shake what your momma gave you wit' full stamina
Even if it's fake girl, just shake 'em like Pamela

(repeat chorus)