Too Phat

chorus )

( Innuendo: )

Jezzebelle I knew her well

Took one look at once I fell

Love so deep and now she's trippin'

Gave me joy you can't believe in

Jezzebelle come stay a while

Captivate me with your smile

Held you once I paid the price

and all the love were just illusions

( verse 1 )

( Malique: )

Yaw check, she got the face you only get to see on TV

Style and grace and voice you only hear on CD's

She be dope ass, mo' or less like Lopez

More mass than the pope has and more cash than the Coke gas

I called her boo boo she called me boo too

It was too coo' to be true when I see boo in her see thru I be kookoo

now we coo', we lovey dovey, she huggy huggy

I rubby rubby her like a chubby hubby

I called her muffins, yeah she called me sweet potato pie

She always made me high so called her chocolate tah

With mushy nicknames everyday after lunch

She called me lusty big dip, I called her libido crunch

and I would walk her back home everyday from skool

Hold her hands real tightly cause she thought it was coo'

At times I let her walk first so I can peep at her behind

Lickin' my lips thank god that it was mine

She so fine I treat her so kind 'cause i was so blind

until I caught her humpin' wit' this old man from Oman

Oh my, it sure was sucky but I was lucky

to be Malique, who got more chicks than Kentucky

( verse 2 )

Jezzebelle, verse 2

(Malique voice from bla bla:

I usta have a chica who liked to bla, bla

Her name was JaJa size C cup bra, bra

Her mom Portugese her dad was Baba

The hon' love to tease and call me DaDa

( Joe Flizzow: )

Now, this honey Jazzy got me up in a fix

Got me sprung with her tongue, got me up in a mix

Wit' the sexy mad switch in her crazy tight denims

Guys fantasize all wishin' that they were in 'em

But that was back then, now suga be gone

And you gotta be mad thinkin' I be alone

I got more tricks on deez more than you can believ